Circular Innovation Jam 2020 is now over!

Here are the 3 regional winners across SSEA, who will receive support from The Incubation Network to further advance their innovations!

  • Evlogia Eco Care

    Evlogia Eco Care empowers women to turn a highly overlooked agricultural waste - fallen palm leaves - into alternative everyday products such as FDA-approved biodegradable straws

  • Growing Plastic

    Growing Plastic brings life back in to discarded banana peels by upcycling them into eco-friendly, home-compostable bubble wraps for the packaging and shipping industry

  • Rebricks Indonesia

    Rebricks transforms commonly found multi-layered plastic waste in Indonesia, one of the hardest material to recycle, into robust paving blocks

The winners are listed in alphabetical order.

JAM 2020

Build Solutions, Reduce Plastic Pollution

Got an idea to improve waste management and recycling in South/Southeast Asia? Be part of our upcoming Circular Innovation Jam! Rather than “jamming” with music, we are inviting participants to jam with us with their ideas and unique insights to solve ocean plastic pollution.

The Circular Innovation Jam seeks to develop innovative and inclusive solutions to advance local circular economies for plastics and effective waste management systems across South and Southeast Asia to reduce ocean plastic pollution.

Application is closed on July 5.


Winners will receive $5000 USD worth of support (financial and/or technical) from The Incubation Network to further advance the solutions to their highest potential.

Top 5 Solutions per country

5 Finalists from each country will enter into an online support program, lead by The Incubation Network, for 4-6 weeks of idea refinement


Final 3 Winners across SSEA

Winner will receive up to $5000 USD worth of support (financial and/or technical) to launch their solution pilot


The Circular Innovation Jam is a virtual design sprint that will bring creative minds together to collaborate and solve local waste management & circularity challenges.

Using tools drawn from human centered design, participants will focus on developing inclusive and gender-sensitive solution prototypes for our regional challenge statements.

Together with Impact Hub Jakarta, OPPA, Impact Hub Manila, WISE, Climate Collective, AtWorks, Circular Design Lab, InOff Plastic and Schoolab, we are proud to announce the inaugural Circular Innovation Jam 2020 - ONLINE!

  • How might we improve the livelihoods, health & sanitation of the informal sector working in waste management & recycling?
  • How might we redesign F&B delivery to reduce single-use plastics?
  • How might we increase the adoption of reusable/environmentally-friendly packaging or mechanisms in households, communities and businesses?
  • How might we improve the efficiency of existing waste collection, management & recycling systems in South & Southeast Asia?
  • How might we effectively prevent and reduce plastic waste in rivers and other waterways?
  • How might we support the informal sector through the impacts of COVID-19 towards a more sustainable economy?


  • Reuse Models / Packaging

    Development or adoption of innovative reusable and environmentally-friendly packaging or mechanisms in households

  • Waste Systems

    Efficiency or effectiveness of existing waste collection, management & recycling systems, including the informal sector

  • Waterways

    Prevention or reduction of plastic waste in rivers and waterways



The challenge invites individuals and teams over the age of 18 regardless of gender, race, background or level of experiences to apply! All that is required is an interest in developing solutions to ocean plastic pollution, and a commitment to participate fully throughout the Circular Innovation Jam.

  • Participating


  • Application Phase

    June 5 - July 5

  • Orientation

    July 11 - July 17

  • The Jam

    July 18 - July 25

  • Idea Refinement Phase


  • Regional Finals



We will showcase all teams’ ideas online and host a live Q&A session for participants to share more details on their projects with our panel of judges!

Join us to build a prototype and plan of action!